A surreal feeling, which has to be felt to be expressed! Upasana Bora Mahalle
Upasana Bora Mahalle
Jul 31, 2021

Being a doctor, it was easy for me to recognise and identify the changes my body was going through. 

I conceived in 1st week of December. I could feel a difference inside my body. Stomach pain, backache, fatigue. I decided to do a UPT on 1st Jan 2019.

 Everyone at home was asleep, we had partied the 31st night. I woke up at 7:00 am followed by the urine test, which was positive.

 I ran to my husband and gave him the news. We were very excited to start our pregnancy journey.

 I could see my husband become more caring and Mom always kept on telling me what to do and what not to.

 Dad was teary-eyed when I gave him the news. I had 4 baby showers.

The people in Mumbai are so helpful that I never faced any difficulties ever. While travelling to the office, auto-rickshaw/cab drivers were so attentive that they would take care of every pothole on the road. The bus drivers would let me cross the road first, every store, restaurant or salon or even a small shop had given me special care on priority which was an amazing feeling.

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time or the very first moment when the baby starts kicking and moving inside you.

These are a few experiences that are unmatchable. Not a single day till my delivery, did I suffer from morning sickness.

Thankfully, I never faced any such circumstances. I can go on writing about this but eventually would end by mentioning the day before my baby came to this world. It was my last day of the 9th month, I had dinner and was watching Bahubali 2 on TV; I went off to sleep by 11:30 pm and at around 2:00 am I felt like my water broke. Thankfully I had all my loved ones with me towards the end of my 9th month. 

I woke up my husband, my mom, sister, brother and dad. The hospital was just 10 minutes away from my home.

 After reaching the hospital at 2:20 is, I was immediately rushed to the labour room.

 After 10 hours of labour and natural delivery, I had the best little human in my hands.

Surreal…!!! I know every mother can relate to this. And on an ending note, you never understand life until it grows inside of you. 

Thank you Arihaan for choosing me to be your mother.

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