Pain and glory of being a mother Carel Fernando
Carel Fernando
Jul 31, 2021

When my labour pain started, we prayed and moved to the hospital right away. I was so excited about everything. I knew it was just going to be a few hours of pain and then all would be fine. I thought I would deliver my baby on the same day that I got admitted but things were different in my case. The doctors said my cervix was just 1 cm open and it had to be dilated fully to 10 cm. The next day I started cramping and was in pain after they induced labour. I thought I would go into labour very soon. When the doctors examined me again, they said the cervix was still 1 cm dilated. They induced two more times which led to a lot of unbearable pain and agony. The doctors who frequently visited me said there was a hole in the baby’s heart. The baby’s head was big and the position of the baby still remained pointed upward. There were so many negative reports but I had hope and trust in the Almighty. My mother and aunt were praying who is like a dose of strength for me. When they induced me for the third time I had no strength to bear the pain. They were sceptical about my chances of survival at one point in time. They said my baby was not receiving proper oxygen. My blood pressure shot up. I decided to go ahead with a C-section because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I felt like getting out of that place. I delivered my little princess. It was a delivery without any complications. I came home happily. I was so excited about this motherhood journey.

Unfortunately, after a few days, I started experiencing severe suture pain. I had sleepless nights. I used to call my husband and cry because the pain had increased. They took me to emergency care at the same hospital. My gynaecologist said my stitches had opened and I needed a resuture. I was so broken when I heard about this. The next day the doctor set up an appointment for resuture and because I had to feed my baby in a couple of hours, they put in the stitches without giving me anaesthesia. I screamed at the top of my voice because I felt the needle going deep inside my skin. The doctors said it was going to be a simple process that takes 5 to 10 minutes but it took 45 minutes. I started yelling at them because I was clueless about what was happening. The doctor wanted to examine me again after a few days of resuture. When I went to see my gynaecologist, she said that the stitches had come out again. I was shattered and devastated. She was clueless and said, “Ok. Let it heal by itself.”

After a few weeks again I was in severe pain. I experienced continuous discharge for almost 3 months. Whenever I used the restroom, I came out crying. I was becoming emotionally drained. My mother did the dressing and applied the ointment but it wasn’t working. When I met my gynaecologist again, she said I had overgrowing granulation tissue so they burnt it with copper sulphate which is used for wound healing but I was still in pain. I thought it would get better within a few weeks. But whenever I met the doctor, she said it had not healed and that my healing process was very slow. They used copper sulphate almost 10 times. It burned so much and the pain lasted all day. It was the second most painful procedure I had to undergo after delivery.

I used to video call my hubby and cry. Whenever I shared my pain, he understood my situation and helped me become emotionally stronger. He decided to stay over at my mother’s place every alternate day. When I met the doctor again, she said they will have to opt for plastic surgery if the wound did not heal. I was shocked and confused. The next week when we met the doctor, she said the wound has healed and looked much better.

The moms who are reading this, might be going through the same health problems and pain. I know it’s challenging and it’s a tough time, but do not worry. Trust and have faith, your health will definitely be restored. You can be free and healthy.

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