Want a much-needed Me Time? Engage your kids with these fun items.
Parth Sharma
May 23, 2022

Every mother needs a Me Time, and every mother should take some time out for herself, but with your kids constantly needing your attention and wanting to play, this becomes a tad bit difficult.

We bring to you a list of fun activities for your kids to engage in while you take time out for yourself.

  1. Toy wash: Fill a sink, plastic bin, or bowl with water. Provide towels and a box of toys that kids can wash (toys with electronic pieces should be hidden for this activity). Throw in some small cars, plastic animals, toy food, plastic keys, etc., and let your kids clean away.
  2. Dress up: If you have a dress-up box, pull it out and if not, create one with hats, socks, coats, purses, shoes, boots, kid glasses, costume jewelry, old dresses, jackets, mirror, brush, old cellphone, old keys (no scarves or other possibly choking items). This could also be the time to decorate that box. Provide the kids with stickers and markers and let them fancy it up!
  3. Car playmats: If you already own a playmat with a road design on it, set it up and find any toy that can be used with it—cars and trucks, figurines, airplanes, etc. Kids love the creative play of moving their way around the town. Use painter’s tape to create your own set of roads on any floor surface. The best thing about a homemade track is the ability to have the tape go up over small boxes or chairs and in multiple directions.
  4. Camp out: Set up a tent or fort and fill it with multiple items for a game of camp. Let your kids get comfy with pillows and blankets, keep them fed with healthy snacks, turn out the lights, and give them flashlights for making shadow animals. Throw in some stuffies for company, some binoculars to keep a watch on the bears, and some animal picture books.
  5. Bean bag target toss: Set out a box of bean bags and a number of targets for kids to throw the bags into such as hula hoops or laundry baskets. You’ll find more ideas for throwing games in our activities section.
  6. Rubbings art: Lay out a number of thin items such as leaves, flat pieces of Lego, coins, or buttons (for kids who know not to put these in their mouths!), a stack of thin white paper, and crayons. Show your children the art of putting a piece of paper over an item and rubbing it with the side of a crayon until the item appears. The simple act of taking the paper off the sides of a pile of crayons alone will keep kids busy for a while.
  7. Sensory tub: If you have a sand table that you use outdoors in nicer weather, pull it in, clean it out, and fill it with fresh sand. If you don’t have a sand table, pull out a bin or tub and fill it with rice. Place spoons for digging, funnels for pouring through, trucks, plastic animals, measuring spoons, small bowls, etc., in the rice and let your kids dig and explore.
  8. Ball pit: If you own a ball pit, fantastic! If not, create your own with a kiddie pool or large cardboard box. Fill your box with as many small balls as you have on hand, as well as with stuffies and bean bags.
  9. Sensory bag for high chair tables or floor: Fill resealable bags with items that a baby can safely squish or shake such as sand or magic sand, ice cubes, and small items mixed into a bag of hair gel, rocks, or Jell-o. Make sure the bag is fully sealed before your little one plays with it.
  10. Scavenger hunt: Create a page of photos of items that you have around the house and send your kids off with a crayon to tick off their finds. Or let them use your phone camera to capture the images. Ensure you have lots of items on the list to keep them busy for a while! 
  11. Tea party: Use dishes, cutlery, and play food from a toy kitchen or use your own, set up a table, some fancy mats, perhaps some simple snacks, and let the kids bring the high tea vibes to your own living room.

Dance videos: Kids seem to be able to operate tablets and phones from younger and younger ages. Set your child up with some music, provide props or dress-up clothes and let them enjoy!

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