Your Ultimate Gift Guide: Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Friends and Family
Parth Sharma
May 23, 2022

A baby shower is hosted just a couple of weeks before the mother-to-be delivers the baby. It’s a great way for her to cope with the prospect of having a new baby. With her girlfriends around, the mommy-in-waiting can share space in an environment where baby tips, support, and baby gifts are within reach. Here are some wonderful and adorable gifts you could get for a baby:

1. Superhero Onesie: Little babies always look cute in their superhero costumes. Go for the latest trending heroes such as Wonderwoman, Spiderman, Superman, Catwoman, Batman, Captain America, etc.

2. Superhero Booties: Buy some superhero-themed booties to go with those onesies to keep them warm and cozy.

3. Footie Pyjamas: Get a cute printed footie pyjama for the baby. There are several themed pyjamas also available in the market if you have a theme for the baby shower, for example, a princess or a favorite animal.

4. Name Book: Naming a baby can be a stressful task for some couples. A name book has a list of names and their meaning that the parents-to-be can choose from for their little baby.

5. Costumes: You can gift costumes made in comfortable fabrics that keep the baby warm and can be a great attire for the baby’s fancy photo sessions.

6. The Three-Piece Suit: Turn that bundle of joy into a pocket-sized lady killer with this little item. Though this will be used only by the time they’re about a year old, it’s worth the wait!

7. Soft Toys: One of the standard gifts to be given to any baby. The plush toy can be a cute animal, ballerina, or princess.

8. Pillows: You can get pillows in themed prints and in fancy shapes. Pillows come in very handy for the babies to secure in the cradle and add color to the decor.

A baby shower can do wonders for a woman’s soul. It brings her together with her tribe and is a celebration of what is about to unfold. Though these gifts should have given you a good idea of what you can get your friend, the best gift of them all is just being there for them.

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